• Your rug may have a faint glue smell, this is to be expected and should fade within a week or 2. If necessary, place somewhere with good airflow or point a fan at it.
  • Rug shedding is normal - when it arrives, the rug may shed fluff. You can run a lint roller over it or gently vacuum (ideally with a handheld vacuum) to remove it.
  • Place in a low traffic area - Our rugs are durable and okay to walk on, but to keep them in top condition we recommend placing them in a quiet area. They are intended more as display pieces than a ’typical rug’.
  • Don’t pull out loose threads - Cut them with some scissors or hair clippers. If you pull out too many threads it will cause the rug to weaken.
  • Only spot clean - DO NOT put in the washing machine or use harsh chemicals. Gently vacuum, ideally with a suction attachment or a hand vacuum. 

If you would like to get the longest life out of your rug, I would recommend getting your rug edges bound by a commercial carpet/rug maker. Please contact me if you would like me to arrange this for you.