The brand:
Life is made up of an endless sea of Chaos.

To develop 'Chaos Vision' is to see, and explore the true chaotic state that is our existence.

We see the Chaos and turmoil around and inside us, but believe this perspective allows us to explore our darker thoughts and turn them into positive creative expression. We see past established order. We thrive in Chaos.

This belief is reflected in all of our product design. We believe in expressing yourself to the fullest, whether that be in public through clothing and accessories, or in your home with our range of custom handmade rugs, prints, and other homeware.

The Founder:
I'm Josh, and I started Chaos Studios. I've been designing professionally, and for fun, for most of my life. I've also always been obsessed with sneakers, streetwear and the related cultures.

Living in New Zealand, I was always pissed off about the lack of creativity and individuality in our limited access to fashion and homeware. Now after honing the Vision and sharpening the knives, I launched Chaos Vision Design Studio to bring some crazy shit to the NZ market. Starting with rugs, we have big things planned to take over.

Everything is custom. No shortcuts taken. You won't find AS Colour blanks, low quality products, or shitty generic designs. I'm always on the lookout for talented designers (graphic, 3D, animation, web, fashion) to join the crew, Contact Me with some work examples and lets talk.